discours etymology

Middle English word discours comes from Latin currendus, Latin dis-, and later Latin discursus (Running about (or to and fro).)

Detailed word origin of discours

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
currendus Latin (lat)
dis- Latin (lat) Asunder, apart, in two. Reversal, removal. Utterly, exceedingly.
discurrere Latin (lat)
discursus Late Latin (LL)
discursus Latin (lat) Running about (or to and fro).
discours Middle French (frm) Speech; discourse.
discours Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as discours

Descendants of dis-
adressen dalyen delaien destaunce differen difficultee diligent dis- discernen disgisen disguisen disjoynen displayen displesen disputen distance distaunce distingwen dressen dressor dressure spence spense