enquery etymology

Middle English word enquery comes from Old French en- (En- (in; into). En- (intensifier).), Latin quaero, Old French querre (To seek; to search for.)

Detailed word origin of enquery

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en- Old French (fro) En- (in; into). En- (intensifier).
quaero Latin (lat) I ask, question, inquire.. I desire, require, want. I miss, lack. I seek, look for. I strive for; endeavor; seek to obtain.
querre Old French (fro) To seek; to search for.
inquirere Latin (lat)
enquerre Old French (fro) To ask; to demand; to inquire.
enquery Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as enquery

Descendants of en-
combren embatailen embusshen empoverishen en- enacten enamel enbatelen encombraunce encrochen endetten endouen endowen engagen envyned impoverishen
Descendants of quaero
acqueren question questiun