forbisen etymology

Middle English word forbisen comes from Old English fore-, Old English bȳsen, Old English bysen

Detailed word origin of forbisen

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fore- Old English (ang) Before, in front of, pro-. First, prime, occupying a prominent position. Very, supremely, foremost.
bȳsen Old English (ang)
bysen Old English (ang) Example. Parable; precept, command. Pattern, model, exemplar; illustration.
forebȳsen Old English (ang)
forbisen Middle English (enm) A parable or fable; a proverb. An example or or model (to be imitated); a precedent.

Words with the same origin as forbisen

Descendants of fore-
biforesenden fore- foreseen forestall forestallen forethynken forgan forhed forseen forstal
Descendants of bȳsen