foresetten etymology

Middle English word foresetten comes from Old English fōre-, Old English settan (To set, establish, place, make.), Old English fōresettan

Detailed word origin of foresetten

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fōre- Old English (ang)
settan Old English (ang) To set, establish, place, make.
fōresettan Old English (ang)
foresettan Old English (ang) To put at the head of, prefer.. To set or put before, propose; put in the front or fore of.
foresetten Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as foresetten

Descendants of fōre-
for- forbarren forbeaten forcasten forcleven forcoveren fore- forethynken foretokne forgreithen forhed forscheawen forspeche forthinken forthynken forwiten
Descendants of settan
andsete ansete aset nesten nestlen nicetee nyce nyst sadel see seotel sete setil setle settle seuere seware sille siten sitten soote sot sote upset withsetten