forestall etymology

Middle English word forestall comes from Old English fore-, Old English steall

Detailed word origin of forestall

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fore- Old English (ang) Before, in front of, pro-. First, prime, occupying a prominent position. Very, supremely, foremost.
steall Old English (ang) A place for cattle, stall, stable. A position, especially one that is standing; position of affairs, state, condition, standing. Fishing ground, place to catch fish. Place, stead.
foresteall Old English (ang) (judicial) a hindrance, obstacle. Ambush, assault; an offense of waylaying on the highway or the penalty or fine for such an offense. Intervention. Opposition, resistance.
forestall Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as forestall

Descendants of fore-
biforesenden forbisen fore- foreseen forestallen forethynken forgan forhed forseen forstal
Descendants of steall
hamstal homstal stall