foretokne etymology

Middle English word foretokne comes from Old English fōre-, Old English tācen, Old English tacen (Sign, omen, token.)

Detailed word origin of foretokne

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
fōre- Old English (ang)
tācen Old English (ang)
tacen Old English (ang) Sign, omen, token.
foretācen Old English (ang)
foretacen Old English (ang) A presage; sign or token foreshadowing something.. A wonder.
fortacne Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as foretokne

Descendants of fōre-
for- forbarren forbeaten forcasten forcleven forcoveren fore- foresetten forethynken forgreithen forhed forscheawen forspeche forthinken forthynken forwiten
Descendants of tācen
part-takinge part-takynge taken token
Descendants of tacen