forscheawen etymology

Middle English word forscheawen comes from Old English fōre-, Old English sċēawian

Detailed word origin of forscheawen

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
fōre- Old English (ang)
sċēawian Old English (ang)
foresceawian Old English (ang) To foresee, observe beforehand, foreknow.. To provide for, take steps to secure.
forscheawen Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as forscheawen

Descendants of fōre-
for- forbarren forbeaten forcasten forcleven forcoveren fore- foresetten forethynken foretokne forgreithen forhed forspeche forthinken forthynken forwiten
Descendants of sċēawian
scavage scewing schawen scheawing schevage schewage schewen schowen umbsheuen ȝesceawen