forstanden etymology

Middle English word forstanden comes from Proto-Germanic *standaną, Proto-Indo-European *dgʷhey-, Proto-Indo-European *bʰowHéyeti, Proto-Indo-European *per (Around. Through.), Proto-Indo-European *pró (Toward, leading to.), Proto-Germanic *far-

Detailed word origin of forstanden

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*standaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*dgʷhey- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*bʰowHéyeti Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*per Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Around. Through.
*pró Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Toward, leading to.
*far- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
standan Old English (ang) To stand.
*pro- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Toward, forward.
*dwīnaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To dwindle, to disappear.
*frastandaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To oppose. To understand.
forstandan Old English (ang) To be as good as, stand as the same or equivalent of.. To be good for, avail, profit.. To stand against; gainstand, withstand, hinder, stop (someone).. To stand for, defend; shield, help, benefit.. To understand.
forstanden Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as forstanden

Descendants of *standaną
bestanden bistanden
Descendants of *dgʷhey-
dwinen far- forberen fordraȝen forfaren forgiten forgiven forlesen forloren forlorn forme fornimen forshapen forswalȝen forswoluwen forswolȝen forthynken forwerken forwernen forwirken forworthen forȝiten forȝiven freten
Descendants of *per
comper fer ferde forbeaten forcasten forclingen fordemen forealdien forgreithen forhiden forleren forolden forschapen forseen forstoppen fortreden foryelden fram frosk frude permitten processioun purpos
Descendants of *pró
forestavne forestempne forgeten forquethen forswelȝen forwurchen forȝeten freyght proscripcion purloynen youthe
Descendants of *far-
former forniming forsaken forswolewen forthyrsten foryiven