gest hous etymology

Middle English word gest hous comes from Old English giest ((poetic) enemy. Guest. Stranger Yeast.), Old English hūs, Old English hus (A house; a household.)

Detailed word origin of gest hous

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
giest Old English (ang) (poetic) enemy. Guest. Stranger Yeast.
hūs Old English (ang)
hus Old English (ang) A house; a household.
gasthūs Old English (ang)
gæsthus Old English (ang) A guesthouse, guest-chamber.
gest hous Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as gest hous

Descendants of hūs
bachous bakhous firhous fyrehows hous houslek hus huswif somer-hous winter-hous