herberwe etymology

Middle English word herberwe comes from Proto-Germanic *harjaz (Army. Army leader; commander; warrior.), German bergen, German Heer (Army (ground forces).), Proto-Germanic *bergō

Detailed word origin of herberwe

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*harjaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Army. Army leader; commander; warrior.
bergen German (deu) (transitive) to conceal; shelter; to contain. (transitive) to salvage; to recover. (transitive) to save (someone); to rescue. (transitive, naval) to take in (a sail); to shorten (a sail).
Heer German (deu) Army (ground forces).
*bergō Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*harjabergō Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) An army camp; barracks. Refuge; shelter.
herebeorg Old English (ang) Military quarters. Shelter, refuge.
herberwe Middle English (enm) Harbour.

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Descendants of *harjaz
harnais harnes heere herber here herneis hire hiren hirne hyre