hire-man etymology

Middle English word hire-man comes from Old English mann, Old English hyr (Hire, wages. Interest, usury.), Old English hȳr

Detailed word origin of hire-man

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
mann Old English (ang) Man (adult male). Person, human. The rune ᛗ, representing the sound /m/.
hyr Old English (ang) Hire, wages. Interest, usury.
hȳr Old English (ang)
hyrmann Old English (ang) Mercenary. One who works for hire; hireling.
hȳrmann Old English (ang)
hire-man Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as hire-man

Descendants of mann
Englishman Inglishman gleeman man mane mankynde mone wifman wimman woman
Descendants of hyr
here hire hiren hirling hirne hure hyre hyrling
Descendants of hȳr
huire huyre