i- etymology

Middle English word i- comes from Old English ġe-, Old English ge-

Detailed word origin of i-

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ġe- Old English (ang)
ge- Old English (ang) Forms nouns and verbs with the sense of "result" or "process".. Forms nouns or adjectives of association or similarity; co-. Forms past participles or participle adjectives from verbs.. Used as an intensifier for verbs, indicating completeness or perfection.
i- Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of ġe-
adred aline ashore gemynten hersum i-seche i-teon ihoven irennen iwar likely likliche lykly neighbour neighebor neihebur yclad yclept yhere ynough ypeynted ypunished ȝehwa ȝesceawen
Descendants of ge-
a- abord abrood ackowen ariht ariȝt around asteorten asterten y- ysame ȝe-