inleden etymology

Middle English word inleden comes from Proto-Germanic *laidijaną (To cause to go, to lead.), Proto-Germanic *in ((+accusative) into. (+dative) in.)

Detailed word origin of inleden

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*laidijaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To cause to go, to lead.
*in Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (+accusative) into. (+dative) in.
lædan Old English (ang) To bring, take. To carry, convey. To guide, conduct. To lead.
inlædan Old English (ang) To conduct, lead up, bring forward. To introduce. To lead in, bring in.
inlǣdan Old English (ang)
inleden Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as inleden

Descendants of *laidijaną
ledande lede leden leder ledinge ledynge leed
Descendants of *in
been binne com in enflamen enflaumen in kene bowe in- inblowen inborȝ inburh incomen infangthef infer inflammen ingot inlighten inlightnen inmete inmette inmost innen insenden insight inwork