knighthed etymology

Middle English word knighthed comes from Old English cniht, Old English -hād

Detailed word origin of knighthed

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cniht Old English (ang) (male) servant, attendant. Boy, youth. Male of high military rank, ranking below a baron, usually previously having worked as a page or squire.
-hād Old English (ang)
cnihthad Old English (ang) Knighthood. The period between childhood and manhood; youth; boyhood. The state of being unmarried; celibacy.
knighthed Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as knighthed

Descendants of cniht
knight kniht knyght knyȝtly
Descendants of -hād
-hod bischophad bishophood childhad childhede childhod maydenhode maȝdenhad meidenhod