likliche etymology

Middle English word likliche comes from Old English ġe-, Old English līċlīċ, Old Norse líkliga, Old Norse líkligr, Old English ġelīclīċ, Old English ġelīclīċe, Old Norse glíkliga, and later Old English geliclic (Likely, fit.)

Detailed word origin of likliche

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ġe- Old English (ang)
līċlīċ Old English (ang)
líkliga Old Norse (non)
líkligr Old Norse (non)
ġelīclīċ Old English (ang)
ġelīclīċe Old English (ang)
glíkliga Old Norse (non)
geliclic Old English (ang) Likely, fit.
likely Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as likliche

Descendants of ġe-
adred aline ashore gemynten hersum i- i-seche i-teon ihoven irennen iwar likely lykly neighbour neighebor neihebur yclad yclept yhere ynough ypeynted ypunished ȝehwa ȝesceawen
Descendants of līċlīċ