loncsumnesse etymology

Middle English word loncsumnesse comes from Old English langsum, Old English -nis, and later Old English langsumnes (Length.. Patience, long-suffering.)

Detailed word origin of loncsumnesse

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langsum Old English (ang) (of actions) wearisome, prolix, tedious, tardy, dilatory.. (of someone) long-suffering, patient.. (of space relations) lengthy, extended; outstretched.. (of time) long, long-lasting.
-nis Old English (ang) Used to form abstract nouns, usually from adjectives, denoting quality or state. See -nes.
langsumnes Old English (ang) Length.. Patience, long-suffering.
loncsumnesse Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of langsum
langsum longsom longsum
Descendants of -nis
-nes -nesse clennesse derknesse fairnesse gretnesse wodnesse woodnesse