londlees etymology

Middle English word londlees comes from Old English land, Old English -lēas, Old English landlēas, and later Old English landleas (Landless, not having land; without land.)

Detailed word origin of londlees

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land Old English (ang) A land, region, district, or province. Earth, one of the four elements. Owned or tilled land, an estate.
-lēas Old English (ang)
landlēas Old English (ang)
landleas Old English (ang) Landless, not having land; without land.
londlees Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as londlees

Descendants of land
Engeland Engelond Englelond Fronc-lond Greclond Griccland Griclond Irelond Irland Irlond iland land lond upland wodeland yland ylond
Descendants of -lēas
-leas -lees -les boteles botles bērdlēs carles craftles creftleas frounceless godles heedles herteles hertles hevedles imundleas lifles meteles restles sorweles stereles thewless wifles wyflees