lordles etymology

Middle English word lordles comes from Old English hlāford, Old English hlaford (Lord, master of servants. Male head of a household.), Old English -lēas

Detailed word origin of lordles

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
hlāford Old English (ang)
hlaford Old English (ang) Lord, master of servants. Male head of a household.
-lēas Old English (ang)
hlāfordlēas Old English (ang)
hlafordleas Old English (ang) Lordless, without a lord.
louerdlese Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as lordles

Descendants of hlāford
laferrddom louerdlich lourde schyplord
Descendants of hlaford
lhoaverd lordeliche lordlyche louerdlese
Descendants of -lēas
-leas -lees -les boteles botles bērdlēs carles craftles creftleas frounceless godles heedles herteles hertles hevedles imundleas lifles londlees meteles restles sorweles stereles thewless wifles wyflees