maydenhode etymology

Middle English word maydenhode comes from Old English -hād, Old English mæġden, Old English mægden (Girl, young unmarried woman.)

Detailed word origin of maydenhode

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-hād Old English (ang)
mæġden Old English (ang)
mægden Old English (ang) Girl, young unmarried woman.
mæġdenhād Old English (ang)
mægdenhad Old English (ang) Girlhood.. Maidenhood, virginity.
maȝdenhad Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as maydenhode

Descendants of -hād
-hod bischophad bishophood childhad childhede childhod knighthed maȝdenhad meidenhod
Descendants of mæġden
maiden meiden meremaiden
Descendants of mægden
maide maidhede maidhod mayde meithhad