mildeliche etymology

Middle English word mildeliche comes from Old English milde (Mild, gentle, kind, merciful, generous; meek.), Old English -līċe

Detailed word origin of mildeliche

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
milde Old English (ang) Mild, gentle, kind, merciful, generous; meek.
-līċe Old English (ang)
mildelice Old English (ang) Graciously, kindly, mercifully.
mildeliche Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as mildeliche

Descendants of milde
milce milde milse
Descendants of -līċe
biterli bitterli bliþeliche carfulli clenliche clenly craftiliche evenly hardely hardliche hevyliche inly lifly liȝtliche lustfully myghtely newely poverly reowliche swyftely treoweliche tymely vnwisely wislike