nice etymology

Middle English word nice comes from Latin ne- (Absolutely negates the principal meaning.), Latin sciendus, Latin nescio, Old French nicher, Old French nichier (To nest (of a bird, to build and maintain a nest).)

Detailed word origin of nice

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ne- Latin (lat) Absolutely negates the principal meaning.
sciendus Latin (lat)
nescio Latin (lat) I cannot, I do not know, I am ignorant, I do not understand.
nicher Old French (fro)
nichier Old French (fro) To nest (of a bird, to build and maintain a nest).
scius Latin (lat) Cognizant, knowing.
nescius Latin (lat) Not knowing how, unable (with infinitive). Unaware, ignorant (of a fact).
niche Old French (fro)
nys Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of ne-
necessarye necessite nicetee nyce nys