nihtlic etymology

Middle English word nihtlic comes from Old English niht, Old English -līc, Old English nihtelīċ

Detailed word origin of nihtlic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
niht Old English (ang) Darkness.. Day, when computing spans of time.. Night, particularly:. The time between sunset and sundown.
-līc Old English (ang)
nihtelīċ Old English (ang)
nihtlic Old English (ang) Nightly, of the night, nocturnal.
nyȝtly Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as nihtlic

Descendants of niht
naht nat naught night niȝt niȝteschode noght not nyght nyȝtly
Descendants of -līc
-andlic -andlike -endlice -endliȝ -lich leodlic