not etymology

Middle English word not comes from Proto-Germanic *nahts (Night.), Proto-Indo-European *ken-, Old English ne (Not.), Old English nā, Old English wiht (Creature, person, thing, being Weight.), Proto-Indo-European *nowd-, Proto-Indo-European *neud-, Latin bene (Agreeably, favorably. Properly, exactly. Well.), Latin nosco, Old English nōwiht, Old English ǣfre, Old English nāwiht, Old English āwiht, Old English ōwiht, Old English nōt

Detailed word origin of not

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*nahts Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Night.
*ken- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
ne Old English (ang) Not.
Old English (ang)
wiht Old English (ang) Creature, person, thing, being Weight.
*nowd- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*neud- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
bene Latin (lat) Agreeably, favorably. Properly, exactly. Well.
nosco Latin (lat) I know, recognize, am acquainted with, i.e.; in possession of knowledge.
nōwiht Old English (ang)
ǣfre Old English (ang)
nāwiht Old English (ang)
āwiht Old English (ang)
ōwiht Old English (ang)
nōt Old English (ang)
niht Old English (ang) Darkness.. Day, when computing spans of time.. Night, particularly:. The time between sunset and sundown.
*kenw- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*neutaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To enjoy (the use of). To use, to make use of.
*hnuts Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Nut.
*nutiz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Useful, useable, profitable.
hnutu Old English (ang) Nut.
nota Latin (lat) Critical mark or remark. Mark, sign. Note.
notare Latin (lat)
*nutą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Use, profit, foredeal, benefit, yield.
note Old French (fro)
not Old English (ang) A sign; mark; a mark made on an object.
notu Old English (ang) An office; occupation, employment, function, work. Enjoyment. Profit, advantage, utility. The conducting of business, business affairs; the discharge of duty or office. Use.
*noth Old English (ang)
noȝt Middle English (enm)
nat Middle English (enm) Not.

Words with the same origin as not

Descendants of *nahts
naht nat naught night nihtlic nihtlonge niȝt niȝtegale niȝteschode niȝtingale noght nyght nyȝtly
Descendants of *ken-
nakke necke nekke nesche nesh nicke nig nigard nodden noppe note noteful notful nute nygard walnote walnutte
Descendants of ne
na namo nan ne nillen no noen nolde non none nonechenche noneschench nonshench noo noon nothyng
Descendants of wiht
aught eight ought wat weght weight weiȝte wight wiȝt
Descendants of *nowd-
nait naite naut naute nayt nayten neat neet neoten net nete nitten noote noten notien noute nowte nut nutte
Descendants of *neud-
Descendants of bene
benedight benedyght beneson notable
Descendants of nosco
acointen aqueinten cognicion queynte quoynte
Descendants of nōwiht
Descendants of ǣfre