prophecie etymology

Middle English word prophecie comes from Ancient Greek πρῶτος, Ancient Greek φημί, Ancient Greek φάναι, and later Latin prophetia (Prophecy, prediction. Prophets as a group.)

Detailed word origin of prophecie

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
πρῶτος Ancient Greek (grc)
φημί Ancient Greek (grc)
φάναι Ancient Greek (grc)
προφήτης Ancient Greek (grc)
προφητεία Ancient Greek (grc)
prophetia Latin (lat) Prophecy, prediction. Prophets as a group.
prophetie Old French (fro) Prophecy.
prophecie Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as prophecie

Descendants of πρῶτος
Descendants of φημί
marterdom martirdom martyrdome