retracten etymology

Middle English word retracten comes from Latin traho

Detailed word origin of retracten

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traho Latin (lat) (by extension) I attract the support of, win over.. (figuratively) I attract, draw (someone; their attention). I drag.. I draw out, prolong.. I extract, withdraw.. I plunder, squander.. I trail.
retraho Latin (lat) I drag back, fetch back, bring back a person.. I draw again or anew; bring to light again, make known again.. I draw or pull back, withdraw; call back, remove; withhold; divert.
retractus Latin (lat)
rētractō Late Latin (LL)
retracter Old French (fro)
retracten Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of traho
abstractive nombre noumbre number numbre tracen traht treten trety