returnen etymology

Middle English word returnen comes from Old French re- (Re- (again; once more).), Old French torner, Malayalam retornare

Detailed word origin of returnen

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
re- Old French (fro) Re- (again; once more).
torner Old French (fro) (transitive, or, intransitive) to turn. To return; to go back.
retornare Malayalam (mal)
retorner Old French (fro) (intransitive) to return (go back to). (transitive) to turn again.
returner Anglo-Norman (xno)
retornen Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as returnen

Descendants of re-
rabeten re- regard regraten regreten regretten renoun repentaunt replenisshen retornen reward
Descendants of torner
attournen tor tornen tour touret tur turnen