schyplord etymology

Middle English word schyplord comes from Old English hlāford, Old English hlaford (Lord, master of servants. Male head of a household.), Old English scip (Ship.), Old English sċip

Detailed word origin of schyplord

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
hlāford Old English (ang)
hlaford Old English (ang) Lord, master of servants. Male head of a household.
scip Old English (ang) Ship.
sċip Old English (ang)
sciphlaford Old English (ang) A shipmaster.
sċiphlāford Old English (ang)
schyplord Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as schyplord

Descendants of hlāford
laferrddom lordles louerdlich lourde
Descendants of hlaford
lhoaverd lordeliche lordlyche louerdlese
Descendants of scip
schip schup ship ship-wriȝth shippere shippwright shipwright