seware etymology

Middle English word seware comes from Latin ad- (To.), Latin sedare

Detailed word origin of seware

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ad- Latin (lat) To.
sedare Latin (lat)
assideo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I station myself before, am encamped before or sit down before (something); besiege, blockade.. (figuratively, with dative) I am like, resemble.. (of the sick) I take care of, attend upon or to.. I am or stand by one's side.. I sit by or near someone or something.
*assedēre Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
asseoir Old French (fro) (sometimes reflexive, s'asseoir) to sit down (take a seat). To sit (make someone sit down).
asseour Anglo-Norman (xno)
seuere Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of ad-
a- abaishen abaisse abaten abbreviaten acceden acointen acuser adew adversitee adverten afere ajoinen aline amortisen apperen apperteinen aprochen ariven arresten asearch ashore asterten availen tent