sowne etymology

Middle English word sowne comes from English -gram (Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.), Latin sono

Detailed word origin of sowne

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-gram English (eng) Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.
sono Latin (lat) (intransitive) I make a noise, sound, resound.. (transitive) I cry out, call; sing; celebrate, praise, extol.. (transitive) I sound, utter, speak, express, call.
sonus Latin (lat) (figuratively) tone, character, style. Sound, noise; pitch; speech.
son Old French (fro) His/hers/its (third-person singular possessive).
soun English (eng)
sun Anglo-Norman (xno)
sowne Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of -gram
sownde unisoun
Descendants of sono