surloine etymology

Middle English word surloine comes from Proto-Indo-European *dl̥h₁gʰós (Long.), Latin lumbus ((anatomy) loin. (in the plural) genitals.)

Detailed word origin of surloine

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*dl̥h₁gʰós Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Long.
lumbus Latin (lat) (anatomy) loin. (in the plural) genitals.
longior Latin (lat) Farther. Greater. Longer. Remoter.
loin English (eng) Any of several cuts of meat taken from this part of an animal. The part of the body (of humans and quadrupeds) at each side of the backbone, between the ribs and hips.
lunc French (fra)
longue Old French (fro)
surlonge Old French (fro) Sirloin (cut of meat).
surloine Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of *dl̥h₁gʰós
belangen belongen hedling hedlong heedling hevedlynge lang langen langsum lengen lengthe lenten lenthe loncsumnesse long longen longsom longsum purloynen
Descendants of lumbus