sutherne etymology

Middle English word sutherne comes from Proto-Germanic *sunþraz (South, southern.), Proto-Indo-European *swen-, Proto-Germanic - ōnijaz

Detailed word origin of sutherne

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*sunþraz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) South, southern.
*swen- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) sun
- ōnijaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*sunþrōnijaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Southern.
sūþerne Old English (ang)
southerne Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as sutherne

Descendants of *sunþraz
sothern south
Descendants of *swen-
resownen southerne sownde sowne swan unisoun
Descendants of - ōnijaz
esterne northerne