therwith etymology

Middle English word therwith comes from Old English þǣr, Old English wiþ, Old English þǣrwiþ, and later Old English þærwiþ (Therewith, in return, in exchange, against.)

Detailed word origin of therwith

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
þǣr Old English (ang)
wiþ Old English (ang) Against, opposite. Along, towards. With With it; together; therewith.
þǣrwiþ Old English (ang)
þærwiþ Old English (ang) Therewith, in return, in exchange, against.
therwith Middle English (enm) Therewith.

Words with the same origin as therwith

Descendants of þǣr
thar thare tharmid ther there thermid thore thormid
Descendants of wiþ
with with- withcallen withchosen withclosen withdelen withdeparten withdon withdrawen withgon withlaughen withlesen withnayen withsaken withsamen withscapen withscoren withseien withsetten withsitten withslippen withspeken withstanden withsterten withturnen