together etymology

Middle English word together comes from Old English gædre (Together.), Proto-Germanic *tō ((with accusative) to.), Proto-Germanic *gadur (Together, gathered at one place.)

Detailed word origin of together

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
gædre Old English (ang) Together.
*tō Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (with accusative) to.
*gadur Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Together, gathered at one place.
Old English (ang)
tōgædere Old English (ang)
togædere Old English (ang) Together.
togadere Middle English (enm)
together Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as together

Descendants of gædre
togadere togedere
Descendants of *tō
hiderto to to day tocomen tocoming today tofore tomorn tomorwe tonight
Descendants of *gadur