tornen etymology

Middle English word tornen comes from Proto-Indo-European *terh₁-, and later Latin tornus (A potter's wheel.. A turner's wheel, lathe.)

Detailed word origin of tornen

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*terh₁- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) rub, twist
τόρνος Ancient Greek (grc)
tornus Latin (lat) A potter's wheel.. A turner's wheel, lathe.
torno Latin (lat) I round off, make round (by turning on a lathe).. I turn.
tourner Old French (fro)
tourner French (fra) (computing) to run, to execute (a program, an application etc.). To film, to shoot a film. To lathe. To stir (e.g. ingredients). To tour, to go on tour. To turn (left, right etc.).
tourner Middle French (frm) (intransitive) to return (to go back). (intransitive) to turn (to rotate). (tourner a) to turn into; to change into.
turnian Old English (ang) To turn on a lathe.
tornen Middle English (enm) To turn (rotate, change direction).

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Descendants of *terh₁-
attournen tharm therm thrasshen thrawen threed threschen threshen thresshen throwen thurrok tor tour touret trial tribulation trien tur turnen þred