umbesetten etymology

Middle English word umbesetten comes from Proto-Germanic *umbi ((with accusative) around, about.), Proto-Germanic *satjaną (To set, to place down.), Old English ymb-

Detailed word origin of umbesetten

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*umbi Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (with accusative) around, about.
*satjaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To set, to place down.
ymb- Old English (ang) About, regarding. Around. Causing restraint, lessening. Near, by.
settan Old English (ang) To set, establish, place, make.
ymbsettan Old English (ang) To set or put round, surround; beset.
umbesetten Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as umbesetten

Descendants of *umbi
embe embe- umbe umbe stunde umbe- umbeclosen umbedelven umbegang umbegangen umbegon umbelappen umbelien umben umbeshinen umbestounde umbestunde umbethenken umbethinken umbhōn umbsheuen umbsitten umbthringan umgang umthinken
Descendants of *satjaną
celle nest nestlen nice nicetee nist nyst sadel se sege selle seotel set sete setle sett sette settle seware sitten soote sote upsetten withsetten withsetting
Descendants of ymb-
embsnīþen umbefolden umbeloken