unloken etymology

Middle English word unloken comes from Old English un-, Proto-Germanic *lukją, and later Old English lucan (To lock.)

Detailed word origin of unloken

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un- Old English (ang) (added to nouns and adjectives) negation, privation, or absence of. (added to verbs) down. Bad (used to denote a pejorative sense) (compare mis-, mal-) Forming verbs from verbs, with an opposite or reversive sense.
*lukją Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
lūcan Old English (ang)
lucan Old English (ang) To lock.
unlūcan Old English (ang)
unlucan Old English (ang) To undo, open (a door etc.); to unlock.
onlouken Middle English (enm)

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un- unaisie unbriche unesy unevene unfolden ungemæte ungirden ungode unmihti unnoteful unorne unsely untrewe unwatri unwattri unwis unwitti vnmyghty vnmyȝty vnwisely vnwyseliche vnwysely