upgang etymology

Middle English word upgang comes from Old English gang, Old English ūp-, Old English ūpgang

Detailed word origin of upgang

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gang Old English (ang) A company of people. Drain, privy. Going, journey, progress, track, footprint, flow, stream, way, passage, course, path. Occurrence; passage or lapse of time. Platform, stage, steps.
ūp- Old English (ang)
ūpgang Old English (ang)
upgang Old English (ang) (astronomy) A sunrise; a heliacal rising: a rising of a heavenly body over the horizon.. A landing: a going from sea to land.. An approach: a way or path for going up.. An incursion: a going inland.. An upgoing, a rising, an ascent: an instance or the act of going up, particularly:.
upgang Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of gang
gang gong misgang
Descendants of ūp-
up- upbreiden upcomen upgon upland