vnwysely etymology

Middle English word vnwysely comes from Old English wīslīċe, Old English un-, Old English wislice, and later Old English unwislice (Unwisely, foolishly.)

Detailed word origin of vnwysely

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wīslīċe Old English (ang)
un- Old English (ang) (added to nouns and adjectives) negation, privation, or absence of. (added to verbs) down. Bad (used to denote a pejorative sense) (compare mis-, mal-) Forming verbs from verbs, with an opposite or reversive sense.
wislice Old English (ang) Wisely, skillfully, cunningly.. Wisely, with wisdom, sagaciously, prudently.
unwīslīċe Old English (ang)
unwislice Old English (ang) Unwisely, foolishly.
vnwyseliche Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as vnwysely

Descendants of wīslīċe
vnwisely vnwyseliche wisliche wislike
Descendants of un-
un- unaisie unbriche unesy unevene unfolden ungemæte ungirden ungode unloken unmihti unnoteful unorne unsely untrewe unwatri unwattri unwis unwitti vnmyghty vnmyȝty