wher etymology

Middle English word wher comes from Proto-Germanic *hwaz, Proto-Indo-European *kʷi-, Proto-Germanic - r, and later Old English hwær (Where.)

Detailed word origin of wher

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*hwaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (interrogative) who, what. (interrogative, in dative) whom. (interrogative, in genitive) whose. (interrogative, in instrumental) with whom, with what, how, in what way.
*kʷi- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
- r Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*hwēr Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
hwær Old English (ang) Where.
hwǣr Old English (ang)
quher Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as wher

Descendants of *hwaz
hou how hu huo hwa hwat hwic hwilc hwo hwoa hwulch iwhō quher wha what whet which whilk who whuch why whæt wilche ywhere ȝehwa
Descendants of *kʷi-
companion conformen conscience consecucioun convenient correcten either hwu when whos
Descendants of - r
her her-for here hire hiren hirne hyre hær thar thare tharmid that thei ther there thermid therwith they thore thormid yondre ȝendre ȝondre