withchosen etymology

Middle English word withchosen comes from Old English wiþ-, Old English ċēosan, and later Old English wiþceosan (To choose against; reject; refuse.)

Detailed word origin of withchosen

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wiþ- Old English (ang) (perfective prefix) completely, fully, entirely. Again, back. Against, opposed to, counter to. Away, off.
ċēosan Old English (ang)
wiþceosan Old English (ang) To choose against; reject; refuse.
withchosen Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as withchosen

Descendants of wiþ-
with- withcallen withclosen withdelen withdeparten withdon withdrawen withgon withlaughen withlesen withnayen withsaken withsamen withscapen withscoren withseien withsetten withsitten withslippen withspeken withstanden withsterten withturnen
Descendants of ċēosan
chesen chooce chos chosen ȝecoren