withgon etymology

Middle English word withgon comes from Old English gān, Old English wiþ-, Old English gan (To go.)

Detailed word origin of withgon

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
gān Old English (ang)
wiþ- Old English (ang) (perfective prefix) completely, fully, entirely. Again, back. Against, opposed to, counter to. Away, off.
gan Old English (ang) To go.
wiþgān Old English (ang)
wiþgan Old English (ang) To go against; withstand.
withgon Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as withgon

Descendants of gān
begon bigon forgan forgon forthgoing forthgon gan gang gangen gon gong gongen goon igon misgang ofgon outgon overgon togon umbegon upgang upgon þurhgon ȝegan
Descendants of wiþ-
with- withcallen withchosen withclosen withdelen withdeparten withdon withdrawen withlaughen withlesen withnayen withsaken withsamen withscapen withscoren withseien withsetten withsitten withslippen withspeken withstanden withsterten withturnen
Descendants of gan
forthgan goo thurhgon