withstanden etymology

Middle English word withstanden comes from Old English standan (To stand.), Old English wiþ-

Detailed word origin of withstanden

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standan Old English (ang) To stand.
wiþ- Old English (ang) (perfective prefix) completely, fully, entirely. Again, back. Against, opposed to, counter to. Away, off.
wiþstandan Old English (ang) To keep away, be absent.. To obstruct, prevent, hinder.. To stand against, stand in the way of, resist, be a match for.
withstanden Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as withstanden

Descendants of standan
atstonden ofstonden overstonden standen
Descendants of wiþ-
with- withcallen withchosen withclosen withdelen withdeparten withdon withdrawen withgon withlaughen withlesen withnayen withsaken withsamen withscapen withscoren withseien withsetten withsitten withslippen withspeken withsterten withturnen