wurthlich etymology

Middle English word wurthlich comes from Old English weorþ, Proto-Germanic *-līkaz, Proto-Germanic *werþą, and later Proto-Germanic *werþalīkaz (Of great worth; valuable; important.)

Detailed word origin of wurthlich

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weorþ Old English (ang) Honour, dignity. Worth, price, value Honoured, esteemed. Worth, deserving.
*-līkaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) -like, -ly. Forms adjectives from nouns and adjectives with the sense of 'similar to, characteristic of'.
*werþą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*werþalīkaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Of great worth; valuable; important.
weorþlic Old English (ang) Of worth or value, valuable.. Worthy, meet, fit, becoming.. Worthy, noble, distinguished, excellent, splendid.
weorþlīċ Old English (ang)
worthely Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as wurthlich

Descendants of weorþ
worschippe worth wurthles
Descendants of *-līkaz
-lich -ly atterlich certeinly childli clanly cumlich evenlich hidously kyndeliche louerdlich lyflich nihtlic paciently plentevously pleynly poverly reweliche scheomelich scondliche selfly sonderli sunneliche waterly wunderlice
Descendants of *werþą