äitikerho etymology

Finnish word äitikerho comes from Finnish äiti, Finnish kerho

Detailed word origin of äitikerho

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äiti Finnish (fin) (childspeak) mother (animal mother). Alpha Echo (the letter "Ä" in the Finnish spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet). Mother (mightiest of its kind). Mother (origin). Mother (respectful title for a nun, usually one who has served for a long time or is the leader of nuns' community). Mother (woman in high position). Mother (woman in relation to her children).
kerho Finnish (fin) Club (often informal group of people, especially youngsters, who meet more or less regularly around a common interest or hobby; sometimes associated as yhdistys).
äitikerho Finnish (fin) Mom club.

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Descendants of äiti
äidillinen äidillisesti äidillisyys äidinisä äiditellä äiditön