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Finnish word -us comes from Finnish -s

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-s Finnish (fin) Forms ordinal numbers from cardinal numbers, or ordinal pronouns. (case suffix, colloquial, or, dialectal) (enclitic) Mainly in informal contexts: a particle appended to an interrogative suffix -ko/-kö of the verb conjugated (also -kö with the negation verb) in order to bring the conversation partner or a person outside the conversation, talked about, emotionally closer to the speaker, or to [...]
-us Finnish (fin) Forms nouns from verbs, describing an action or event.. Forms nouns, indicating resemblance or association.

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-pa -pas aines biljoonas entäs jopa jopa niin jopas jospa juopa kahdes kasvis kunpa kvadriljoonas niinpä nollas olipa kerran sadas teräksinen teräs teräsbetoni teräsjää tokkopa vahas yhdes