avopokeri etymology

Finnish word avopokeri comes from Finnish avo-, Finnish pokeri

Detailed word origin of avopokeri

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avo- Finnish (fin) (medicine) open, dehiscent. Bare- (without clothing in a part of body).. Open-.
pokeri Finnish (fin) Poker (any of various card games in which the players make tactical bets or drop out, and the superior hand remaining in the game at the end of betting rounds collects the pot).
avopokeri Finnish (fin) (poker) stud poker.

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Descendants of avo-
avoauto avohaava avohuolto avokätinen avolava avolouhinta avomaa avomielinen avomielisyys avomies avopalvelu avopesijä avopuoliso avorahastus avorauhanen avorivi avosointu avosydämin avosydäminen avosylin avoterveydenhuolto avotuli avotyö avoäänestys