avosylin etymology

Finnish word avosylin comes from Finnish avo-, Finnish syli

Detailed word origin of avosylin

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avo- Finnish (fin) (medicine) open, dehiscent. Bare- (without clothing in a part of body).. Open-.
syli Finnish (fin) (archaic) A measure for chopped firewood, about four cubic meters.. (nautical) fathom. Fathom (traditional measure of length equal to three cubits; see usage notes below) (figuratively) lap (place of rearing and fostering). Synonym of sylillinen (armful).. Arms (in reference to embracing or holding in both one's arms). Lap (space over upper legs of a seated person).
avosylin Finnish (fin) With open arms.

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avoauto avohaava avohuolto avokätinen avolava avolouhinta avomaa avomielinen avomielisyys avomies avopalvelu avopesijä avopokeri avopuoliso avorahastus avorauhanen avorivi avosointu avosydämin avosydäminen avoterveydenhuolto avotuli avotyö avoäänestys
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