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Finnish word ero comes from Finnish erä

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erä Finnish (fin) (accounting) item, entry; short for tilierä. (archaic) wilderness, especially one that is good hunting ground.. (rare, hunting) game, catch. A subdivision of many sports contests. Erä can be a time-limited part of a match between two parties or, where the number of contestants exceeds the capacity of the sports facillity, a qualifying competition between a subset of contestants. The [...]
ero Finnish (fin) Difference, distinction. Discharge, dismissal. Divorce; used as a short form of avioero. Resignation. Rid; in the expression "to get rid of something" (päästä/hankkiutua eroon jostakin).. Separation, parting.

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Descendants of erä
avioero erakko erakoitua eranto erokirje eronto eropaperi eropäätös erota erotella erotin erottaa erottelu erotus mielipide-ero näkemysero