gravitaatiolaki etymology

Finnish word gravitaatiolaki comes from Finnish laki, Finnish painovoima ((physics) gravity.)

Detailed word origin of gravitaatiolaki

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laki Finnish (fin) A summit, topmost point of eg. a hill or trajectory. (countable) act (a specific legal statute, inferior to a constitution). (countable) statute (written law, either a constitution or an act, as laid down by the legislature). (uncountable) law (collection of acts, sense 1). Code (official collection of laws).
painovoima Finnish (fin) (physics) gravity.
gravitaatiolaki Finnish (fin) Law of gravity, Newton's law of universal gravitation.

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Descendants of laki
kriminnahkalakki laillinen laillisesti laillistaa laillistettu laillistua laillistuttaa laillisuus lainkohta lainkuuliainen laiton laittomasti laittomuus perustuslaillinen säädösoikeus tapaoikeus