harhaanjohtava etymology

Finnish word harhaanjohtava comes from Finnish harha, Finnish johtaa

Detailed word origin of harhaanjohtava

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harha Finnish (fin) Illusion, delusion, hallucination, chimera, mirage.. Misconception, false belief, false idea, fallacy.
johtaa Finnish (fin) (intransitive) To lead to, result/end in.. (transitive) To deduce, conclude.. (transitive) To guide, conduct, usher.. (transitive) To lead, direct; to supervise, superintend.. (transitive) To lead, make, get, induce.. (transitive) To lead, take, show someone the way to.. (transitive, business) To manage, run, be in charge of.. (transitive, linguistics) To derive, trace back.. (transitive, [...]
johtaa harhaan Finnish (fin) (idiomatic) to mislead, misinform, deceive, lead astray (to cause someone to believe an untruth). To lead astray, misguide, misdirect, mislead (to misguide or misdirect).
harhaanjohtava Finnish (fin) The noun misnomer can be used as equivalent to harhaanjohtava nimitys, sana, termi, käsite etc.. Deceptive. Delusive. Misleading.

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Descendants of johtaa
harhaanjohtavasti johdate johdatella johdattaa johde johdin johtaja johtajisto johtajuus johtaminen johteinen johto toimenpide